Miro Kim, Sangmi Lee, and Young Jin Kim


February 10 - March 17


Opening Reception:

Saturday, February 10

5-8 PM

Miro Kim wants to reflect the emotional estrangement and ambiguity of everyday life within images of animals and plants. Her work uses the figurative characteristics of repetition and overlapping, printing diverse images of nature by layering etchings, lithographs, and silkscreen prints. Miro’s work strives to break the temporal order of collage, using transparency and the assembly of the work to challenge the linear representation of time. This vague relationship with time allows Miro’s work to achieve unexpected results.


Sangmi Lee’s work explores her relationships with everyday objects. Her earlier work, the Noodles series, uses the noodle to symbolize a relationship. The fragile, moldable material represents the imperfections ubiquitous in human relationships. Sangmi’s newer work continues the use of Noodles as a metaphor. However, instead of a literal representation, the noodles take the form of repeated geometric lines, used to represent Sangmi’s complicated relationships with other everyday objects, like a comb or pair of scissors.


Young Jin Kim’s work explores manmade technological advancement through the lens of the sublime. He imagines the complexity within mechanical things—like cars, boats, or planes—from the perspective of someone who isn’t concerned with the science at work. Young Jin’s unique vision illustrates a modern myth, his understanding of the machinations of the world. He looks at these great feats of modern civilization with a sense of awe, and captures this sensation in his work.