Dimensional Works by

Wayne Hunt

Angular Universe


Artist Reception:
Saturday, February 11, 2017 6-8 pm


February 11 - March 11, 2017

Noted Designer Wayne Hunt to Exhibit Fine Art at ANDLAB Gallery


Los Angeles, CA— January 18, 2017— Wayne Hunt, internationally recognized leader in environmental graphic design, will exhibit a series of his own dimensional constructions in a show entitled: Angular Universe. The show at ANDLAB Gallery in the Brewery arts complex in Los Angeles will open on February 11, 2017.


“I’m interested in capturing, interpreting and reflecting the geometric structure that is all around us in the man-made world,” says Wayne Hunt. “The way lines and forms shape space and define volume, both two and three-dimensionally, present the perfect palette.”


After years as a successful designer and writer in the wide-ranging field of environmental graphics, Hunt pulls together a variety of found objects — wood, metal, paint and paper — to create works that represent mixed media in its truest sense. The small, collage-like constructions are expressed and displayed in custom-molded, three-dimensional box-like frames.


“The work reflects my long interest in architectural grids and composition systems used by architects, land planners and graphic designers,” adds Hunt. “The work expresses how implied forms and gestures evolve from otherwise unrelated elements.”


Developed and created over the course of several years, each piece explores the relationship of two-dimensional composition and sculptural presentation.


Artist’s statement about Angular Universe


“I enjoy rotational, complex grids, expressed in three dimensions. I see each of my pieces as capturing a small universe of varied order, but with some implied energy or motion. Yet, I express this structure with a collage of varied materials and mixed media, exploiting the contrast between mathematical order and imperfect materials. I like the plastic qualities of diverse shapes, textures and media that co-exist in my spaces. I look for intersecting geometries and contrasting tactile materials that the eye can trace and follow for a moment or two. I want viewers to look into the little universes.”


– Wayne Hunt, 2017